A Mommy and A Daddy

A few days ago, some dear friends of ours journeyed across the world to love and be reunited with God’s people in Ghana. This was Sydney (who started Feeding The Orphans) along with her dad, Righ, and oldest brother, Keenan. We have been blessed beyond words to get to see God work through them. God has used this family to connect us with the people of Ghana. It was through Feeding The Orphans that we became food sponsors for 2 sweet boys. One of which, by the grace of God, will come home to be our son next year.So as we prayed for them prior to their departure, it seemed so fitting of God to whisper to me that I should ask them to share with our son that he has a mommy, daddy, brother and sister praying and excitedly waiting to meet him and welcome him home.

It is just like God, to so perfectly time things. After they agreed to be a part of sharing this news with him, by tummy started in with the butterfly’s. I have been dreaming of this moment for 2 years. When we started on this journey we had no idea a timeline or what God had in store. I have had to learn (and I still am!) a whole new level of patience and waiting upon the Lord. Several times I tried to jump in the drivers seat and hurry things along all to end up right back where I started. But this is so different. God told us to “get ready and be still.” So we did. Once He said, “now go,” things have been moving and coming together in unexplainable ways. So now my head spins thinking about what our little boy is going to think and feel upon hearing this news. Kristie, Sydney’s mom, told me to write him a letter. At first my emotions got the best of me. How do I write a letter of this magnitude? Where would I even begin? “Hi, how are you? By the way, I’m your mom!?!” I gave it over to God and the next morning I wrote the letter. It flowed so smoothly as God helped me pen it. In it I shared with him about how we had prayed for him for the past 2 years. And even though we have never met in person, we all loved him so much. After I had finished, it came time to sign the letter and I froze once again….is it ok to sign it, mommy and daddy??? I am quite sure by this point Kristie is getting a pretty good kick out of me, as I text her this question. She confirms it and I type it out, “Love, Mommy and Daddy.” As I see the letters, I daze off and imagine his face that I have memorized. I imagine holding it in by hands to love and cherish. To wipe away tears and to bottle up the laughter. My cup is over flowing as I praise God for allowing us to care for another of His precious children.
I read the letter to Stephen, who shared in the joy and excitement over this much anticipated moment. Later that day he shared with a friend about what the letter said. He wrote,

“It was surreal to introduce ourselves as Mommy and Daddy. I wonder if Jesus feels the same when we make decision for him. I can only imagine how choked up he must get when we realize that he is our Daddy. He has loved and cared for us by name since before we were born. We told S that we have been praying for him by name for 2 years every night. He hasn’t known that God has been working in us to bring our family together and that he is our child.”

It hadn’t even occurred to me, as God gave me the words to say to our little boy, that those were the same words that He had said over me as He sought me out and fought to claim me as His child….to adopt me as His own. As this has been resonating with me over the past couple of days, I am reminded of the most important part of my job as a mom: To point to Jesus and help them know Jesus through my life, my actions, my time, my love. I am so thankful for this reminder, not just as we prepare to add to our family, but also coming off a rough week of new transitions with school starting, dossier needing to be done, work, home, wife….All the distractions and challenges. So tonight my prayer is that through it all, I point to Him. May that sustain me. 🙂

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