Our I-600a went…

Our I-600a went out on August 29th! One more step down! We are currently doing our last yard sale of the year. Once again we are overwhelmed by the people that God is using to support us. Not just financially but even more so for the relationships. He is amazing!!! So many blessings have come from this. More connections with our Ghanaian community, neighbors who are adoptive and multiracial families and a gift that took our breath away…..As we were closing up yesterday, a gentleman came up to our sale. He asked if we were the family that was raising money for our adoption and if we had previously had other sales for it this summer. When we confirmed, he shared how his wife had come to our last sale a couple of months ago. They had a garage sale of their own and wanted to donate the proceeds of it to help us with bringing our kids home. I fought back tears as I attempted to introduce myself to this man that God had brought to us. He shared how his family had been foster parents and adopted 2 boys from the foster system. Hearts again were joined as we shared our stories and our passions for living out God’s call to care for the fatherless. May God be glorified!


If you haven’t had a chance to come by yet, please do!! We will be open till 6pm. Today is the last day of the sale and we would love to see as much stuff go as possible, if not all of it! We will make you a deal you can’t refuse! We are at 2110 Hidden Springs Ct., West Linn, OR 97068. If you have any questions, call 503-344-4169. See you soon!

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