Along For The Ride

Tiffany and I have had a passion to love  and care for the fatherless for some time.  The Lord has pressed on our hearts that we can and will be a defender to orphans and a promoter to the world, knowing that any ONE person can make a difference in the life of a child in need.   Towards the end of 2010, Tiff and I went through financial crisis as the economy collapsed and the real estate market continued to head south.  During a moment of our life where we were most vulnerable and seeking financial reprieve, we heard a call from the Lord to open our home and adopt. Willing to be faithful, but confident that this was an impossibility, we prayed for the Lord to show us the way.

Within weeks we were connected to an amazing organization called Feeding The Orphans. We were absolutely in awe of Gods hand among Sydney and this organization that she started at only 10 years of age. We learned more about their work in Ghana and other countries and began sponsoring two kiddos. Amazingly we felt an immediate connection to these kiddos and we wanted deeply to make sure that they were taken care of.  Our children pray for them every night.  For over a year we grew in our understanding of the needs of the children of Ghana. We helped as we could and continued to grow in love for these children. We desired in our hearts to find a way to adopt but struggled still in the blatant realization that we had just enough to take care our family.  How were we going to be able to afford to pay for an adoption and raise 1 or possibly 2 more children?  We knew that if we waited for the time to be right and to make financial sense then we would not be following the Lord and we may never bring our child (children) home.

So several weeks ago we felt God’s peace and made the decision to start the adoption process.  We were not sure what we were starting exactly but were willing to move forward in raising funds.  We decide to kick off our fundraising efforts with a yard sale. As we spread the word about the sale on Facebook, through friends and family and at Stafford Academy, people poured out supporting us. We were overwhelmed by how many people gave of their time and resources. Early on we received a call from a woman we had never met. She had hosted many missions yard sales at her farm and didn’t have one planned this year and wanted to know if we wanted to have our sale there. What an amazing blessing this was! She had a large area for us to have our sale, right on a major road with plenty of parking. So many people donated items and time. It was admittingly a very daunting task to take on. But, as long as God was going to open the doors, we were going to walk through them. On our first day of the sale we were blown away to meet a Ghanaian woman. She shared with us about other Ghanaians in the area and how to get in touch with them. Soon another Ghanaian woman showed up and we all had such a good time connecting and sharing what God was doing. They were very excited for us and very supportive. I felt our family had grown that day. The next day we got to meet another family very close by that is adopting from Ghana as well. If the sale existed just for the relationships that were started in those days, we would gladly share that it was a complete success But God is in the business of doing God sized work, so as we sat down to count out what God had done, we were stunned to count over $2700. Yes, God can do this and we are just along for the ride.

Fasten your seat belts, God wasn’t done yet. A local ministry, Eternal Impact, reminded us a of a balance we have from a mission trip and offered us the $1400 balance for our adoption.  We also had other resources that brought our adoption account to nearly $5000 in a weekend. We realized that we could not raise $5000 in a weekend but God can.

Again, Tiff and I felt the presence of the Lord and a leading to look into a little guy that we sponsor that we are calling Syl.  We contacted our Ghana contact and asked about Syl.  She returned our message with a simple email that said he is relinquished and is suffering from asthma and being taken to the clinic. We know that any medical condition in Ghana is more detrimental than it would be here in the states.  We were immediately concerned about his condition and also did not know how our contact was using the term relinquished. She responded back saying HE IS ADOPTABLE. Overjoyed and without hesitation we responded we want to be his Mommy and Daddy! Without any thought of logistics or timing we knew he was our son and we needed to get him home. We then were informed that Ghana was looking to become Hague accredited which would eliminate our opportunity to adopt Syl privately and also that Ghana could shut down adoptions for a year or more during the transition.  We were told that they needed to get more info but if it could happen we would need to move fast.  This evening after a very stressful and prayerful 24 hours we were told that we could proceed but we do need to move fast.

We have already found a home study agency that can expedite things as much as possible.  We have asked that our in country representative start the preliminary paperwork and to get whatever medicine to Syl that he may need.

We are asking for prayer and support as we journey to bring our little boy home.  Pray for his health and that he gets what he needs to remain healthy with no attacks. Pray for our family to be united in this and that God be the foundation and the lead as we move forward.  Pray for our Braden (6) and our little girl Mia (4) that they be filled with love, peace, and understanding as we journey together with them.  Pray for the resources that are needed to be available to us to bring Syl home.  We are needing to raise approximately $13,000 and potentially in a short amount of time.  If anyone feels lead to support us through a financial gift or has a fundraising idea please contact Tiffany or I at 503-577-2714.

We will continue to write posts on our progress. We are praying and seeing if there is possibility of bringing home a little girl as well. We want to thank all of our family, friends, and people that we don’t even know that are praying and supporting us.


Stephen, Tiffany, Braden, and Mia

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  1. Sara Stolpp said,

    June 21, 2012 at 10:33 am

    Marcus & I would be happy to give of our time if you put on an event like a speghetti feed at the church or a goft tournament somewhere. Please let us know.

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