The Hole In My Life

I am currently reading a book called, The Hole In Our Gospel by Richard Stearns. If you haven’t read this book before, I can’t recommend it enough. It is speaking to the heart of what my soul aches for. It is a God sized hole. He longs to fill it and use me for His great works. I fully agree with Stearns that the Gospel wasn’t meant soley as a way for people to get to heaven. It is meant for the work that God wants to do on earth. That is why Jesus says in Matthew 25, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” In Stearns life, he was confronted head on with the question:

“Are you willing to be open to God’s will for your life?”

That means setting aside everything that stands between you and God. Think about that for a minute. What comforts keep you saying yes, but…. For me I know that there are many things in my life that would have been really nice to hold onto. It is truly a very hard question to answer, but it is what God will use to seperate the sheep from the goats (Daniel 7:13-14). It puts my answer to the question in perspective. Especially when I consider, “What if there are children who will suffer somehow because I failed to obey God? What if my cowardice costs even one child somewhere in the world his or her life?” (Quote by Stearns) Instead of thinking through what the cost of that question is on your life. Consider what the cost is on the life of the person that God is intending to use you for.

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