It is hard to believe that after a little over 5 years of staying home with my little ones that I am going to be going back to work. I will be the new Global & Community Outreach Administrative Assistant at Rolling Hils Community Church. It is funny all of the questions that have popped into my head processing how this is going to work out. The biggest of which are: Can I still do what I used to do?, Will I actually be able to complete a thought or a task?, and¬† How will my kids adjust? I’m counting on the fact that it will all come flooding back to me. Everyone keeps promising me this at least! As for my kids, I was so worried I even counseled with our pediatrician. After I told him the parameters of the position he just chuckled and reassured me that it was going to be fine. Yes, the parameters made him laugh. Did I forget to mention that this is a part-time, temporary position? Yes, this is something that can be handled! Stephen and I have even been able to work out a schedule so that one of us is always home with them except for one day a week that they will get to go play with some dear friends of ours.

Why would I be going back to work? Because God is knocking at my door and I am thrilled to answer it! It is just one more provision from Him that confirms our direction. My salary will go straight into our adoption account. This is such an amazing gift! Not only did God provide us with a call to adopt and care for the orphans, but he has provided a way. And it is at the heart of where my passion lies. It is a perfect fit to our puzzle. We have a tremendous amount of gratitude for all those who have a hand in God’s provisions for us. So grateful to be used and can’t wait to work with my new team!

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